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Duct Sealant - Hardcast - Facility Management Product Release

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FOIL-GRIP 1403-181BFX rolled elastomeric duct sealant is suitable for all duct configurations and below-grade applications, The 40-year, pressure-sensitive sealant adheres instantly to any duct surface.

FOIL-GRIP 1403-181BFX is a 17-mil rolled-duct sealant manufactured with a modified butyl adhesive joined to a mill-finished aluminum foil backing. The butyl adhesive offers instant adhesion to surfaces including sheet metal, duct board, flex duct, PVC-coated duct and duct wrap vapor barriers, and fully bonds within 24 hours.

FOIL-GRIP 1403-181BFX will not crack, dry out or rot and will perform in temperatures ranging from minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The flexibility of FOIL-GRIP 1403-181BFX allows it to be applied in temperatures that range from 35 degrees Fahrenheit to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

A UL 181B-FX-certified product, FOIL-GRIP 1403-181BFX offers has met and exceeded all of UL’s 181B standards for safety, strength and adhesion for flex-duct systems. FOIL-GRIP 1403-181BFX is also compliant with California’s strict CHEERS (California Home Energy Efficiency Rating System) and HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rating systems, dramatically reducing energy lost through duct systems in the occupied space.

Product is available in 100-foot rolls and in two- and three-inch widths, FOIL-GRIP 1403-181BFX. Every roll of FOIL-GRIP 1403-181BFX is wrapped in non-stick shrinkwrap and each carton contains 400 square feet of product.


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posted: 2/2/2007