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Dual-Flush Retrofit Kit - Sloan Valve Co. - Facility Management Product Release

Dual-Flush Retrofit Kit: Sloan Valve Co.

Sloan Valve Co.
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Managers can specify retrofit kits to convert manual-flush water closets to more water-efficient, dual-flush Flushometers. The battery-powered ECOS™ features two buttons on top of the valve, offering users two water-efficient flush options. The small green button provides a reduced flush for liquids, and the large chrome button provides a full flush for solids. The reduced flush can be as low as 0.8 gallons per flush, depending on the model. If the user does not depress a button, the Flushometer's Dual-Flush Smart Sense Technology™ automatically initiates a flush cycle, based on how long the user remains in the sensor range.


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posted: 11/18/2008