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Drain-Inspection Camera - RIDGID - Facility Management Product Release

Drain-Inspection Camera: RIDGID

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SeeSnake® microDrain™ D65S features the Scout® locator, which allows for accessible, efficient, and precise inspections of lines up to 3 inches. The camera can navigate 1.5-inch, pressurized lines and can take 90-degree turns. The system features a 65-foot, flexible cable and a 22-millimeter-diameter camera head. The cable's flexibility and the camera head's tight turn radius allow it to navigate through lines and take turns that help show leaks or blockages in plumbing systems, HVAC ducts, and boiler systems. The unit stands 17.5 inches high, 6.6 inches wide and weighs 9.8 pounds.


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posted: 1/18/2011