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Document Automation Platform - LeasePilot - Facility Management Product Release

Document Automation Platform: LeasePilot

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LeasePilot allows property owners to document leases and converts those leases into data. LeasePilot’s technology gives business people the tools to handle the majority of complex lease drafting without the need for attorneys.

LeasePilot was founded by Gabriel Safar and Jonathan Eskow, two commercial real estate lawyers who recognized that existing methods for documenting commercial leases took too long, were too costly and limited easy access to lease information. LeasePilot combines proprietary technology and deep legal expertise to help real estate companies close leases faster, reduce transaction costs and risk, and increase visibility regardless of whether leases are completed in-house or by outside law firms. LeasePilot uses a real estate company's own lease forms and preferred language options and converts them into tailored plug-and-play options so every lease is tailor-made for the organization, assets and tenants.

LeasePilot recently signed a partnership agreement with MRI Software, a real estate property management and accounting software system, which makes it possible for the first time, for lease information to flow throughout a real estate organization. This will create further efficiencies and will ultimately eliminate costly errors that happen as data gets re-keyed multiple times into different systems. 


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posted: 8/24/2017