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Daylighting System Increases Energy Efficiency Opportunities - Butler Manufacturing - Facility Management Product Release

Daylighting System Increases Energy Efficiency Opportunities: Butler Manufacturing

Butler Manufacturing
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Building owners can now incorporate daylighting technology into existing buildings to minimize lighting-related electricity costs, with the introduction of the RetroLite daylighting system from Butler Manufacturing.

Implementing daylighting technology can provide significant savings, as lighting-related electricity is often the highest operating expense in a building — frequently exceeding heating and cooling costs. In fact, a building equipped with a RetroLite daylighting system and lighting controls can reduce lighting-related electricity expenses by up to 70 percent.

“Ninety percent of the total cost of a building occurs during occupancy. The RetroLite daylighting system opens the doors for owners of existing buildings to take better control of their operating budgets,” says Justin Willett, energy consultant, Butler Manufacturing. “And as utility costs continue to rise and energy codes become more stringent, the RetroLite daylighting system provides opportunities to enhance energy efficiency and achieve code compliance.”

The RetroLite daylighting system, specially designed to replace the Lite*Panl panel system, is available for retrofit applications to an MR-24 or CMR-24 roof system. Product benefits include the ability to:

• Add weathertight protection: Rigorous testing at the Butler Research and Development Center proves the self-curbing RetroLite daylighting system is effective at preventing water penetration, an inherent risk for other curb-mounted daylighting systems.

• Harness the power of prismatics: The RetroLite daylighting system provides 100 percent diffused light without glares or hot spots, even in overcast conditions. Its unique acrylic dome design pulls in more light earlier and later in the day, with a visible light transmittance value of 0.68.

• Simplify installation: For simplified installation, the diverter of the RetroLite daylighting system can be tied into the splice of a Lite*Panl panel system. In addition, its curbless design reduces the number of fasteners required — which decreases the field labor needed for installation.


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posted: 12/16/2015