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Cart Assists Managers in Applying Roofing Insulation Adhesive - OMG Roofing Products - Facility Management Product Release

Cart Assists Managers in Applying Roofing Insulation Adhesive: OMG Roofing Products

OMG Roofing Products
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OMG Roofing Products introduced the PaceCart 3, more robust application system for applying OlyBond500 Adhesives packaged with patented Bag-in-Box technology.

The new PaceCart 3 includes several features designed to improve jobsite productivity and minimize pre- and post-job maintenance and storage requirements. One such feature is a new manifold, an ergonomically designed, easy to use dispensing manifold designed for applying two-part low rise adhesives. In addition to being easier to use and maintain, the new manifold does not require greasing, so it simplifies start-up and shutdown procedures for rooftop time-savings.

PaceCart 3 also features two new robust pumps designed for use with high viscosity liquids, and low maintenance. Other enhancements of the new PaceCart 3 include a color-coded adhesive tray to help prevent cross contamination of Part 1 and Part 2 adhesive components and a simplified electrical system with an easy to read voltage meter, to help identify power input. Additionally, all PaceCart 3s are generator ready and have been outfitted with a shelf designed to hold a portable generator for improved and cord-free mobility on large projects (generator not included), and eliminating a potential trip hazard on the roof.

“OMG Roofing Products is focused on providing contractors with products that improve productivity and roof system performance,” said Adam Cincotta, OlyBond product manager for OMG Roofing Products. “The new PaceCart 3 has been designed with the contractor’s time and resource constraints in mind, and we have taken every step possible to make this even more maintenance free and more robust than previous versions. The market feedback during initial trials was superb.”

The PaceCart provides the lowest installed cost method for applying OlyBond500 Insulation Adhesives, and the fastest low-pressure application method on the market. As with previous PaceCarts, the PaceCart 3 includes a 30-foot hose for maximum reach and maneuverability on the roof. The system is capable of dispensing enough OlyBond500 to apply 60 squares of insulation per hour.

The new PaceCart 3 is immediately available and will replace the PaceCart 2 however the company will continue to offer replacement parts and field support for the PaceCart 2.


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posted: 2/24/2016