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Boilers - Aerco International Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Aerco International Inc.
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The low NOx line of KC1000 high-efficiency boilers and water heaters now support sealed combustion and can be configured to support dual fuel (natural gas or propane) applications. The one million BTU/hr. condensing units will not require seasonal combustion air recalibration in those applications where ambient air temperatures remain between -30F and +130F. The Low NOx KC1000 boiler and water heaters will be shipped with a replacement spring for the unit’s differential regulator that also supports a switch from natural gas- to propane-fired operation (or vice versa). Using natural gas, the units maintain low NOx emissions over their entire 11:1 operating range. Whether a unit is initially configured for natural gas or propane, the part retrofit and combustion air recalibration can be performed in minutes.

The units are certified by The South Coast Air Quality Management District and The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to deliver less than 30 ppm of NOx corrected to 3 percent of excess air over an operating range of 90,000 BTU/hr. to one million BTU/hr.

The units’ condensing design eliminates secondary piping and their 11:1 turndown supports tight temperature control and a greater range of non-cycling operations for seasonal efficiency. Each unit is 78 inches by 22 inches by 57 -inches and can be used in single unit or in modular arrangements. Both boilers and water heaters incorporate control software that integrates with BAS/EMS systems and can be accessed remotely.


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posted: 3/2/2007