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Boiler: RBI Water Heaters

RBI Water Heaters
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The Futera Fusion commercial gas-fired condensing boiler with full modulation and a 3:1 turndown is available in sizes from 500-2,000 MBH. It features advanced heat exchanger technology with a gasket-less primary heat exchanger with solid bronze headers and finned copper or cupronickel tubing for superb heat transfer. A stainless-steel secondary heat exchanger is designed to operate at the boiler’s full flow rate. It operates in full condensing mode at all times, while a temperature-mixing system protects the boiler’s primary heat exchanger. A metal-fiber burner allows seamless modulating turndown, ultra-low emission levels and quiet operation. The system automatically adjusts energy input to match the heating load without over-firing or wasting fuel. The units offer a minimum full input efficiency rating of 94.5 percent with certain sizes achieving a rating of 97.5 percent.

The Futera III boilers are available in 3- and 4-million Btu versions. They are sealed combustion, direct vent, finned copper tube boilers that provide full modulation and 4:1 turndown. The units feature a four-pass design, gasket-less heat exchanger with bronze headers and fittings that prevent rust and corrosion for the life of the boiler.


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posted: 12/11/2006