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Battery-Operated Flushometer Line Receives Facelift - Sloan - Facility Management Product Release

Battery-Operated Flushometer Line Receives Facelift: Sloan

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Sloan has redesigned its current G2/ECOS line of battery-operated flushometers.

“On the outside, our G2/ECOS line looks the same,” says Mike Gipson, product manager, flushometers, Sloan. “However, we have made significant improvements to the electronics, ultimately making the maintenance and facility managers’ lives easier.”

The biggest improvements to the product is the doubling of its battery life from three years to six. Other improvements include a self-adaptive sensor that adjusts to any building environment and a new infrared (IR) sensor, which improves the ability to ignore optical noise from the environment.

“All of these improvements are aimed at saving the facility owner and manager time, money, and most importantly, water,” says Gipson.

For continuity and convenience, all model numbers and repair parts will remain unchanged. The changes are all internal to the electronics and outside of some label changes, the product itself will look identical to the current G2/ECOS.


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posted: 9/20/2016