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Audible Exit Sign - Notifier by Honeywell - Facility Management Product Release

Audible Exit Sign: Notifier by Honeywell

Notifier by Honeywell
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Designed for installation near building exits or along egress routes, the Onyx ExitPoint is a speaker that produces broadband noise, acting as an audible exit sign. The building’s fire-alarm control panel triggers the system, alerting occupants to the location of the nearest exit using directional sound.

It offers interactive guidance as it generates noise at all frequencies across the human hearing range. The varying tones and intensities provide distinctive directional cues and do not conflict with traditional notification devices, such as horns or bells. It emits four field-selectable sound pulse patterns to create an egress pathway and mark perimeter exits, defining an escape route when visibility is impaired. Users can add more pulse patterns to alert occupants that they are approaching a stairway and need go either up or down.


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posted: 10/16/2006