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Air Conditioner - Dectron Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Air Conditioner: Dectron Inc.

Dectron Inc.
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The Ecosaire air conditioner by Dectron uses a direct-drive fan and R-410a refrigerant. The air conditioner is available in sizes from two to seven tons. Besides cooling, unit customization can include gas phase and/or ultraviolet filtration to eliminate airborne contaminants, dehumidification to reduce corrosion-causing condensation, humidification to eliminate static electricity, energy-saving hot gas reheat, and other options.

The series includes double-wall case construction that separates R-value insulation from the air stream to enhance IAQ, and an on-board microprocessor capable of either self-sufficient controlling/monitoring or interfacing with protocols from building automation systems.


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posted: 5/27/2008