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Addressable Fire Panels - Potter Electric Signal Company - Facility Management Product Release

Addressable Fire Panels: Potter Electric Signal Company

Potter Electric Signal Company
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The AFC Series of Addressable Fire Panels and ARC-100 Releasing Panel offer the highest point capacity available in the distribution channel ranging from 50 to 1270 points. The AFC-50, AFC-100, and AFC-1000 Fire Panels have the same enhanced IP features as Potter’s current line of panels. The AFC/ARC panels use the PAD100 line of addressable SLC devices.

The AFC Series of Addressable Fire Panels maintain the same programming software that customers are used to while providing several enhanced features. The PAD100 modules use sub-points in the programming software to keep down the used “point count”. For example, a PAD100-TRTI has two programming relays and two programmable inputs yet consumes only one of the addresses on the SLC loop. Each sub-point can be programmed independently if desired.

The AFC series of panels along with the PAD100 series SLC devices replaces the Potter PFC-6030, PFC-6075, PFC-6200, and PFC-6800 addressable panels and related SLC devices. Those products were discontinued on March 30, 2018.


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posted: 5/3/2018