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Actuator Helps Maximize Energy Efficiency - Schneider Electric - Facility Management Product Release

Actuator Helps Maximize Energy Efficiency: Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric
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The SmartX MG350V compact globe actuator combines high performance functionality with reliability and enables users to maximize efficiency at the application level.

The intelligent SmartX MG350V Actuator connects with a BMS to enable increased building and energy efficiency, reduced energy consumption and lower operational costs. To ensure optimal performance, it provides facility managers with high performance, precise control functions such as a multi-color LED display that indicates the valve mode, valve position/movement and alarms. It also provides signals for valve blockage, loose linkage, lock of control signal, service and internal fault. Additional features of the actuator include a manual override that enables automatic release, stall protection throughout stroke and valve position indication.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) can account for up to 40 percent of energy costs in a building. While there are many highly sophisticated technologies and innovations assisting organizations in optimizing these energy costs such as building management systems (BMS), one area is often overlooked: control devices such as actuators, valves, thermostats, switches and sensors. These devices are critically important in ensuring optimal performance and efficiency of the BMS, and serve as the foundation of today’s smart, connected building management solutions.

The SmartX Actuator portfolio is the first of three new building management product ranges — which also includes SmartX Controllers and SmartX Sensors — recently released by Schneider Electric to enable efficiency through integration, engineering, operation and service. The SmartX Actuator portfolio is designed to complement Schneider Electric’s SmartStruxure solution and SmartStruxure Lite solution, providing data to a BMS, with some devices providing direct environmental control. The actuators enable efficiency, support intelligence and offer reliable HVAC control for a variety of applications, including variable air volume units, fan coil units, air handling units, chillers, boilers and district heating or cooling. These applications are found in a wide range of market segments, including healthcare, data centers, commercial buildings, education, retail and hospitality.

The full-featured actuator assembles to nine non-spring return globe valves and is available in four different models that provide options for timing, stroke, force and input and output signals. It is equipped with several features that lend to simple installation, including auto-calibration that scales the input signal to match the exact travel of the valve stem for precise control and fast commissioning. In addition, the actuator features easy DIPswitch setup for input signal and action and a field selectable feedback range. The SmartX MG350V standard model also has a removable terminal plug and cable entry and electrical connector, making it simple to wire and connect.


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posted: 1/31/2017