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Access Hatch Expands Installation Options for Retrofit Applications - The Bilco Co. - Facility Management Product Release

Access Hatch Expands Installation Options for Retrofit Applications: The Bilco Co.

The Bilco Co.
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The VersaMount roof hatch features an innovative curb specifically designed for installation on existing curbs. Featuring a standard, low-profile 4-inch high curb, the replacement hatch can be mounted onto on an existing curb without substantially increasing the curb height. The insulated and fully enclosed curb is also supplied with a built-in flange and apron that simply cap over the existing curb for a watertight installation. Interior mounting clips are supplied with each unit to ensure that the hatch is anchored properly.

Replacing an existing roof hatch with the VersaMount hatch is easy. Start by inspecting your existing curb to ensure that it is structurally sound and the roofing material provides a watertight seal. If both pass the test, simply remove the cover and hardware from your existing hatch to start the installation process. Apply a full perimeter bead of sealant around the top of your existing curb and set the VersaMount hatch into place. Finish the installation by securing the new hatch to the existing curb with the supplied anchor clips.

VersaMount is available in standard sizes that will mount directly to Bilco’s model S, NB and L roof hatches and similarly sized competitors’ models. The hatch is offered at the same price as the company’s standard roof hatches, and the low-profile design offers potential cost-savings on shipping, handling, and storage.

As with all of Bilco’s roof hatches, VersaMount roof hatches feature lift assistance for easy one-hand operation, weathertight construction, and a fully insulated cover and curb for energy efficiency.


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posted: 6/2/2015