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ADA Inspection and Reporting - BlueDAG - Facility Management Product Release

ADA Inspection and Reporting: BlueDAG

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BlueDAG, is an ADA inspection and reporting software that streamlines inspections for Americans with Disabilities Act. BlueDAG eliminates the wide-ranging & extensive stacks of code books, untold hours of looking up code references, cross-referencing, copying/pasting, while trying to verify what codes apply to each single barrier. With the use of a mobile phone app, facility managers can do a Title III (private / commercial facility) inspection with BlueDAG, and the cost is a fraction of the cost of a typical inspection performed by a consultant.

A Title II suite is currently in beta, and adds a complete set of tools for the government sector. This includes grievance management, notice tracking, projects and self-evaluations.

The company's Transition Plan builder develops a “living” document that can be constantly maintained, providing progress updates to the agency and constituents.


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posted: 8/25/2017