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ADA-Compliant Hand Dryer Efficient, Dries Hands in 12 Seconds - Dyson Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

ADA-Compliant Hand Dryer Efficient, Dries Hands in 12 Seconds: Dyson Inc.

Dyson Inc.
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The Airblade V hand dryer, at 4 inches deep, is 60 percent smaller than the original and dries hands in 12 seconds, the company says. The product uses two sheets of 420-mph air, angled at 115 degrees and blowing through apertures 0.8mm wide, to separate hands and remove water. The 1400W digital motor V4 accelerates from 0 to 92,000 rpm in less than 0.7 seconds and self-adjusts 6,000 times a second to maintain optimum efficiency, according to the company. The dryer passes washroom air through two HEPA filters, which remove 99.97 percent of bacteria from the air used to dry hands. ADA compliant.


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posted: 9/18/2015