Integrate newest technology into BAS

  October 30, 2012

Today's tip comes from Douglas Yon, Project Manager, Facility Engineering Associates. The newest BAS technology updates involve opening up control protocols, integration of intelligent and layered internet dashboard interfaces, cloud-hosted technologies, and wireless networks.

Some of the integration programs offer platform intelligence in conjunction with the existing building automation system, overseeing the activities of large single or multiple heating and/or cooling plants. Most of these systems are demand-oriented and follow pre-programmed performance and demand criteria. Other platforms operate purely as dashboards providing performance data, communication with remote sites, and offering limited master controls for multi-building sites.

Cloud-based building operations and efficiency programs provide an opportunity for facility managers to access to applications and data storage at hosted, third-party locations and not on end-user hardware.

Internet dashboard interfaces and cloud integration have provided new ways to connect with other building systems through the building automation system by facilitating the exchange and collection of BAS data. This connectivity allows building managers and operators to access, monitor, and control building systems. From a building automation system dashboard, potentially any number of buildings and systems, regardless of automation system sophistication, can be represented and accessed.

The most important way a building automation system can contribute to performance is through system optimization, in a way that is consistent with the established performance parameters. This is followed by monitoring the building systems, providing timely and accurate data, and critical alarms to the building operator or facility manager. Along a similar line would be using the building automation system for continuous commissioning.


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