Input From Operating Staff Is Crucial To Design Of Building Automation Systems

  December 10, 2008

When a building automation system is being planned, be sure that the design and construction group taps the expertise of the operating staff. All too often, that critical step is ignored in the planning process. Responsibility for making that happen falls on the shoulders of both the design and construction group and those responsible for the day-to-day facility operations. The former must be willing to accept the input of the operations staff. In turn, the operations staff have to be willing to speak up about things like problems with the existing controls. The facility executive responsible for operations may have to find ways to persuade the design and construction group to listen. One approach is demonstrating the cost of not having well designed controls � for example, by describing the problems poorly designed control systems have caused on other projects. In some cases, that may mean going to the business unit that will ultimately pay for the facility and finding someone with enough clout to force the design and construction group to listen to operational concerns.


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