Energy Management System Can Streamline Facility Maintenance Tasks

  October 19, 2010

Today's topic concerns the way an energy management system can help improve maintenance.

The two biggest reasons that an energy management system are installed are to improve occupant comfort and to reduce energy costs. But there's a third important benefit that, while it may be difficult to quantify, should not be discounted, says the California Energy Commission. That benefit is improved maintenance.

A properly programmed energy management system can help maintenance in several ways. Simply being able to monitor building systems from a central location is a big plus for maintenance. Instead of having to go to a specific unit to try to determine what’s wrong, the maintenance staff may be able to use the energy management system to gather information. What's more, energy management system alarm monitoring makes it easier to detect abnormal conditions and equipment problems, reducing the time it takes to respond to those problems.

What's more, the energy management system can capture data about equipment runtime and use that information to automatically generate work orders for scheduled maintenance, which can help extend the life of equipment. And it can monitor and capture trends for system parameters that are used to troubleshoot building systems and equipment.

Finally, the energy management system can automatically make the change to daylight savings time and back, saving staff time and preventing problems.


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