Building Automation Systems Will Continue To Offer New Capabilities

  December 17, 2012

Today’s tip from Building Operating Management comes from Douglas Yon of Facility Engineering Associates: Building automation technology will continue to offer new capabilities for facility managers.

Technological advances have led to many gains with BAS. For example, at one time, a facility manager needed to have on-site or remote dial-up access to a building automation front-end to connect with the BAS. Now, internet dashboard interfaces and cloud integration enable connectivity with other building systems through the BAS by facilitating the exchange and collection of BAS data. This connectivity allows facility managers to access, monitor, and control building systems. From a BAS dashboard, other buildings and building systems, regardless of how sophisticated the automation system is, can be represented and accessed - to the extent that the remote building or system will allow.

Cloud technologies and layered Internet dashboard interfaces continue to be improved to boost the exchange of BAS data. This may allow large data to be consolidated to evaluate performance, review historical and real-time trends, and establish benchmarks. "Data mining" could lead to improved risk assessment, reliability-centered and predictive-maintenance practices and general preventive maintenance activities. This could lead to further building intelligence with the automation system recommending operational strategies and maintenance options that incorporate cost analysis.

In addition, there is likely to be integration with non-building performance computer based technologies. For example, expanded security and video monitoring can be used to sense motion or survey for leaks in water and gas systems. Similar systems can be used for tighter heating, cooling, and lighting scheduling based real and historic occupancy patterns.

Driving availability and serviceability of these Internet-based communications will be broadband connectivity and wireless accessibility.

This has been a Building Operating Management Tip of the Day. Thanks for listening.


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