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Telkonet: IoT provides real-time insights and limits costly outages

Question: What are the benefits of the IoT for building occupants today? 

Answer: The Internet of Things (IoT) has created extensive benefits for building occupants that cross an array of value pillars.  These benefits range from comfort and productivity to operational efficiencies ending in sustainability and energy savings.  These benefits continue to grow with improved communication throughout the IoT as well as the continued proliferation of IoT devices.

Through the integration of products and the analysis of the data generated from their communications, building occupants are able to determine where comfort may be improved and how to create greater efficiencies where there were none before.  This may be through improved lighting, heating and cooling and even greater management of the complete building envelope for occupants.  This may also include the ability for occupants to have control through media platforms and the occupant’s own mobile devices.

Operational efficiencies are created by providing tools and data to building occupants enabling them to more efficiently manage systems and devices. From knowing when a space is occupied to using proactive monitoring to determine when service is needed and eliminating downtime, IoT provides real-time insights and limits costly outages improving overall building occupant experience.

Finally, one of the most valuable benefits from the IoT is its ability to reduce energy pricing and overall consumption and costs.  Having been called the ‘Fifth Fuel’, the IoT provides extensive value as an energy management and energy efficiency platform through a greater understanding of the environment and regulating its performance based on need utilizing such triggers as occupancy and equipment efficiency.

The IoT is still in its early stages but its ability to affect change and improve comfort, costs, productivity and operations has strengthened the case for its growth and further development.  These benefits will only continue to grow and the level of integration of systems deepen. 

Source: Jason L. Tienor, CEO, Telkonet, Inc.

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posted on 12/7/2015