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Synapse Wireless: IOT reduces energy consumption and operational expense

Question: What are the benefits of the IoT for building occupants today?

Answer: The IoT lends a myriad of opportunities to both building owners and occupants — from reducing energy consumption and operational expense to providing enhanced security measures and remote monitoring of valued assets. This technology enables you to gain insight and data into your building’s efficiency that once was unobtainable. As an added bonus, the information is delivered real-time, prompting you or the system to automatically respond by adjusting (light, thermostat, etc.) settings to the desired threshold.  The automated adjustments can also be scheduled in advance so that adjustments are made as it relates to a calendar, specific conditions or events- resulting in a positive impact to your bottom line.  

The ease of implementing IoT solutions comes as a surprise to many as well.  It’s as simple as laying the foundation with one mesh network– once you’ve established this backbone within your building, say, using wireless lighting controls, you’re able to leverage that network to layer on additional monitoring capabilities that were once obsolete. Once this network is built, you can add additional capabilities such as environmental monitoring, asset and fleet tracking and HVAC integration, just to name a few. Equipping your building with IoT applications and intelligent connectivity fosters and enables long-term regulatory advantage with optimal flexibility as energy mandates continue to change and technology evolves. 

Source: Kathryn Caspar, Vice President and General Manager, Synapse Wireless.

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posted on 10/26/2015