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Solas Ray Lighting: IoT LED fixture provides full control of the lighting environment

Question: What are the benefits of the building IoT technology for building occupants?

Answer: “This LED fixture provides full control of the lighting environment which is a true benefit to human centric lighting. The true benefit that a business owner may see is a 3-6 percent increase in productivity simply based on good lighting.”

Question: What advantages does building IoT technology provide for facility professionals?

Answer: LED lighting does not have the maintenance issues associated with incandescent bulbs, fluorescent ballasts and tubes. 

• The lifespan of LED lighting fixture warranties are five years standard and in some cases LED lifespan can exceed 20 years. 

• Lowered lighting utility cost of up to 60-70 percent

• Lowered maintenance costs

• In most cases less lights are needed based on the light efficiency of LED

• Average expected ROI on purchase is 2-2½ years

Source: Jeff Rhodes, Vice President of Marketing, Solas Ray Lighting.

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posted on 10/26/2015