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Smart Buildings and IoT Will Depend On Young Talent

By Ken Sinclair

My last columns have spoken of the importance and strength of building our collaboratory or collaboratories, keeping the cloud open, and a greater understanding that we are the only resources that we have as an industry.  We collectively need to grow our people younger and with more IoT type thinking.  My first attempt at this is this call:

Seeking Youth for the IOT Journey of our Industry

Please join me in my request for online input to help map out a process for gathering thoughts, suggestions, and action of how we can attract young minds to our industry. Our future depends on this. The industries with the best and easiest-to-use IoT solutions will win. Their people will provide these solutions. We need bright young minds that grew up with IoT to be our people so we can nurture and educate them about our industry resources so they can help morph us into today.

We are all getting older, but not necessarily wiser, and our deep understanding of the IoT cloud consuming our industry is not our known strength.  Our deep understanding of an industry that creates our present definition of smart, intelligent, integrated, connected, green, and converged large automated buildings is our strength. Our industry has seen us grow, coming in from the weeds as an industry known by a few, to achieving social acceptance and understanding, to our latest position as a major player in the IoT because of our deep knowledge of how to automate things and our understanding of what is already connected.

Although we have moved from obscurity to high visibility, our industry is unknown to the youth that are the only feedstock to grow our industry.  For the survival of our industry we need to reach out and engage the bright minds who have grown up with the chaos created by technological innovation — “the IoT” — and share with them the wisdom and reason of our grey hairs and our lives and loves of planting, growing, and nurturing truly smart intelligent buildings.

We all need to engage in mentorship and we will be amazed at what we learn from these bright minds, oh you thought we would be the mentors….smile.

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Ken Sinclair is the founder, owner, and publisher of an online resource called AutomatedBuildings.com. He writes a monthly column for FacilitiesNet.com what is new in the Internet of Things (IOT) for building automation.

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posted on 8/8/2014