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Panoramic Power: Greatness of IoT is in the data gathered from those devices

Question: "What advantages does IoT technology provide for facility professionals today?"

Answer: Commercial buildings, manufacturing sites, and retail facilities have an internet of things of their own. Lighting systems, HVAC, computers, equipment, and many other devices power the building and the business within its walls. Again, the devices themselves may boast interesting technological advancements and innovations (like energy star ratings or CFL lighting), but it is the data gathered from monitoring these devices that’s truly empowering facility managers.

To track and monitor the energy consumption of devices and systems, forward-thinking enterprises are installing wireless CT energy submeters  at the device level. They track the power consumption of each device, aggregate the data in real time, and benchmark it against other devices at similar locations or industry standards. With this new advancement, these companies are ensuring equipment optimization and effectiveness by getting alerts of anomalies that can save them from costly equipment failures. They easily optimize consumption, infrastructure, and behavior. Benefits include: Early detection of malfunctioning equipment, optimizing energy consumption, improved OEE and behavioral change.

But what about the devices?

Without connected devices, there would be no Internet of Things. The devices are important; they are the crux of IoT. Their advancements are important. Our devices are becoming faster, smarter, less expensive, and more connected – and that is all great for business and great for businesspeople.

But the real greatness of the Internet of Things is not only in its devices, but also in the data we gather from those devices and the insight that data lends itself to. With the data, our energy consumption becomes more efficient, our energy expense is lessened, and our buildings and businesses benefit.

Through the IoT’s data, our businesses and industries are more efficient because the IoT connects processes, people, data, and devices.

Source: Jon Rabinowitz, Head of  Marketing, Panoramic Power

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posted on 12/8/2015