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Optergy: IoT will connect to the things that matter and provide context for the information

Question: What are the benefits of IoT for building occupants today?

Answer: Interoperability; contextual, on-demand, accessibility; portability; engagement.

Connected devices have been in the building management space for a number of years, in fact BACnet (ANSI/ISO standard) came to be as building owners and manufacturers wanted their systems to interoperate better. Connected devices or IoT as it is generally referred to now is a promise to the people that it will connect you to the things around you that matter and to provide context for the information. It is an extension of our on-demand lifestyle that we have grown used to. As we have become more connected, we now expect small screen mobile devices to perform complex tasks previously relegated to PCs. In buildings, we expect to get real-time information and alerts about how well our systems are working.  Furthermore we want to engage user participation with energy management through the use of innovative software connections and messaging.

Source: Steven Guzelimian, President, Optergy.

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posted on 10/26/2015