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Managing Our People As Assets

By Ken Sinclair

Who knew there was an ISO standard for managing our people as assets? What is Asset Management?  Assets, and value realized from them, are the basis for any organisation delivering what it aims to do.  Whether public or private sector, and whether the assets are physical, financial, human or 'intangible', it is good asset management that maximises value-for-money and satisfaction of stakeholders expectations. It involves the coordinated and optimized planning, asset selection, acquisition/development, utilization, care (maintenance) and ultimate disposal or renewal of the appropriate assets and asset systems source.

This likely starts under the "About” tab, with a mission statement or a compass page for our company that quickly defines: who we are, why we are here, our environmental beliefs, and business values.

This is a great example of the direction we need to go: What Does It Mean To Be A System Integrator: My belief is that to be a truly successful integrator you have to master talent management; attraction, retention and development, and you have to build expertise in organizational development. - Paul Oswald, President, Environmental Systems, Inc. (ESI)

Also from the April edition of AutomatedBuildings.com: Self-Learning Knowledge Sharing Platforms: How internal company Wikipedia and other virtual knowledge sharing platforms allows Creating Self-Learning Cultures which attracts self-learning assets. In this review, I am virtually working to better understand the evolving self-learning knowledge sharing platforms and learning system of a young consulting company as their newest employee. It covers how internal company Wikipedia and other virtual knowledge sharing platforms allows creating self-learning cultures which attracts self-learning assets.

I am hoping that I can learn to think younger, learn to try to think like them. In this review are some of my first thoughts about this journey.

Here is more linkage to the kind of thinking that brought me to this conclusion:

Creating Self-Learning Cultures. How do we create them? How do we use them to increase the value of our only assets our people?

The February editorial was Growing Our Only Asset: Our People: How do we motivate them to be Curious, Passionate. It generated lots of interest and comments from the industry, much of which was captured on social media.

Please join me on my crusade to help our industry attract more self-learning assets to build our industry stronger and younger.

Ken Sinclair is the founder, owner, and publisher of an online resource called AutomatedBuildings.com. He writes a monthly column for FacilitiesNet.com about what is new in the Internet of Things (IOT) for building automation.

Part 1: Attracting Self Learning Assets

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posted on 4/3/2015