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Buildpulse: How Combined Heat and Power Systems Use IoT Technology

Question: Are the benefits and advantages of IoT technology being realized today, and can you provide a specific example?

Answer: We are at the tipping point for IoT in facility operations. Facility managers are realizing the benefits of sensors not only on operational costs but also on team management.

Start small, go Big

Many teams feel overwhelmed with the amount of data they have, but most teams and facility managers that I talk to, that succeed, start small. They start with a question such as “Can I reduce trash collection rates?” Next they add some sensors in a few dumpsters to check if they are being picked up before they are full. The beauty of the IoT is that you can quickly and cheaply test hypothesis. Once the hypothesis is tested you can scale a solution if needed or move onto the next thing to test. You are no longer stuck with an all or nothing strategy.

Automate workflows

With more sensors coming online, teams are using them to determine the best time to complete work. Some teams were finding that their building was starting and staying on all day because they had cleaning staff coming in the morning. With smart sensors they identified occupancy times in shared spaces and shifted their cleaning schedule to be during the day when the rooms were not occupied.

While there are many benefits from IoT the main benefit is on productivity. By spending less time trying to troubleshoot issues on the ground and more time using smart sensors to look for discrepancies teams are spending less time moving between physical locations just to identify issues.

Source: Jason Burt, Product Manager, buildpulse.

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posted on 11/6/2015