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Automated Diagnostics And Analytics: Now And The Dream For The Future

By Ken Sinclair

While looking for a theme for our October issue and we polled the industry about articles featuring occupant productivity with the fact that our industry has an amazing interaction with productivity within a building.  Although all agreed that this was very true and a very powerful relationship, the general feeling was we need to keep working on how to shape occupant productivity into a real measured variable for our industry before we can include it in our ROI payback calculation. It was also noted that we need to educate the "C" suite about the important connections between our industry and employee productivity.
October's theme then arrived at the door, with a knock, and the delivery of a very large book called Automated Diagnostics & Analytics for Buildings that the authors, Barney L. Capehart and Michael R. Brambley had asked me to write a foreword for.

Pushing the Envelope: Building Analytics beyond HVAC - by our contributing editor Jim Sinopoli PE is one chapter.

Another contributing editor Toby Considine column makes reference to his chapter in the book as well: Autonomous Systems and Cloud Diagnostics.

Jim Lee's article, Predictive Maintenance, came with this request to give the same book a mention as he had also written a chapter he wished to share.

A quick check of the table of contents indicated the collaboration of several other AutomatedBuildings.com authors.  A review of the other new articles for October confirmed that this was a good theme.  Plus how better to start building bridges to the "C" suite than with Automated Diagnostics & Analytics and the dream that in the future this will include the analytics of the measured variable of people productivity which is likely to somehow fall out of social media analytics.

Here is part of my review of this industry resource;

Automated Diagnostics & Analytics for Buildings

It is a very large book, some 615 pages, the size of a small laptop but much heavier.

This book contains an amazing collaboration of the "who is who" of our industry and I was extremely pleased to be requested to write the Foreword.  I am also very pleased that our very busy AutomatedBuildings.com contributing editors and faithful writers were able to find time to pen several chapters.

I am most impressed with the organization of the book placing the complex subject matter of the components of Automated Diagnostics & Analytics for Buildings in a organized manner in some 46 Chapters.

The printed graphics are also great in most chapters, helping immensely to depict the evolution of Automated Diagnostics & Analytics.

Part 2: New Book: Automated Diagnostics & Analytics

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posted on 10/8/2014