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Embracing the IoT Journey



By Ken Sinclair

We need to embrace these six words and make them part of the IoT journey we all are on.

Let me explain and better define this collection of six "A" words that are part of our transformation.

Agile - We all need to learn just what we need to know, just in time, quickly and easily with agility.

Adaptive - We need to embrace adaptive intelligence and some of its components such as lygometry, a process where you measure things you know that you do not know. Ask questions about the knowledge that you know you don't have. Lygometry is best understood by children and artificial intelligence and is often is not something we personally well define and build inventories of.  For an example of what I am talking about watch and listen to this presentation: Adaptive Intelligence: Hacking Your Brain's Response to Change, Amin Toufani, SU Global Summit   

What do we need to unlearn autodidactically to adapt?

Autodidactic — We need to keep on our self-educating journey to be self-taught and create self-learning companies because our teachers and trusted advisors are still learning as well. All known resources are still evolving. Books and prepared education are obsolete as soon as completed.

Autonomous — More and more the IoT devices are becoming autonomous with data and AI at the edge, and the trend is that information that was sent to the cloud is now processed on the intelligent edge.

Accepted — Hard to achieve by all but we must seek understanding and acceptance of all the people in our equation and educate and guide them through their personal people-powered transformation.

Actions — Once we have learned the correct skills, we need to turn them into action. Such is our future.

We need to quantify and autodidactically increase our knowledge of our lack of knowledge. Writing these words makes me realize that my past five decades in building automation and two decades in publication has been powered by my personal lygometry, plus lack of formal training and a general lack of understanding of what I should know but was fueled by agile actions not particularly well-executed or well-founded but somehow accepted. The autonomous action was me. More on this in this review.

Be sure to check out this series of interviews about the new and upcoming MSIs: Master Systems Integrators (MSI). "They make sure all systems communicate properly, coordinate all project participants, collaborate with building owners to ensure systems information will be accessible and usable, and develop software layers responsible for integration, aggregation, and communication of the building systems” — Scott Cochrane, president and CEO of Cochrane Supply & Engineering and Geoff Hunter, president, senior principal, Palmer Conservation Consulting (PCC).

Timeline: Smart Building Automation Evolution has over 100 events and links to thousands of articles of history. The timeline depicts our evolution as an industry and is curated by Therese Sullivan and me.

The timeline reflects back to 1900 but actively starts with the birth of DDC in the mid-1970s. Starting in about 1999, leading building automation professionals were early collaborators in the effort to put real time data in service to improve interior comfort and energy efficiency. They recognized their role as catalysts of this paradigm shift and set to work aligning all the necessary people, processes, and technologies. The timeline captures their achievements. All the thought-leadership articles, commercial announcements, and press releases used to compile this timeline were found in the database of the online magazine automatedbuildings.com.

Required Reading for AHRExpo Chicago for our education sessions and the connection community collaboratory.

I am extremely pleased to be a moderator and a media sponsor at the 2018 Nordic Smart Building Convention, Helsinki, June 6-7, 2018. I was extremely impressed with the information provided for our readers from last year’s great event. I am looking forward to interacting with panels and attendees at this event to learn more about some of my questions, such as, how does the smart building automation industry make the transformation that it needs to undergo?

Check out these tweets about the event

Be agile and adaptive in our transformation by creating value from self-learned data while discovering transforming ways.

Ken Sinclair is the founder, owner, and publisher of an online resource called AutomatedBuildings.com. He writes a monthly column for FacilitiesNet.com about what is new in the Internet of Things (IOT) for building automation.

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posted on 11/10/2017