The BAS and Making Multiple Changes

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With BAS is it possible to have a product with the capability to make global temporary changes on multiple systems, easily and easily reversible?

The answer for the typical BMS system would be no. I don't know of a BMS system that will do something like master scheduling. Even if they could, the BMS would be limited to just those systems integrated into the BMS.

An example of a need for global temporary changes such as master scheduling would be a client that has decided to start their business day at 7:30 AM rather than 8:30 AM, or a special event on a non-work day such as a Saturday. In that case, you're going to want to change schedules for the HVAC, lighting, plug load (if it's controlled), the elevators, access control, etc. There's a whole host of things that will need to be reset.

What is required is an enterprise-wide integrated building management system for all the building systems that can read and write to each data point. The enterprise system will have one schedule and can implement changes throughout the different systems. The idea of global temporary changes for building systems goes beyond just master scheduling to areas such as demand response and emergency response.

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