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How To Choose Between Start-Ups and Established Companies

Third of a three-part article on how to get started with the building internet of things.

Choosing between start-up and established company offerings in Building IoT is a complicated matter. Start-up vendors generally offer more cutting edge Building IoT solutions. The downside is “they may or may not be around five years from now,” concedes Paul Ehrlich, Building Intelligence Group LLC. However, he believes that “analytics are worth doing, even if you have to go in and modify them later.”

Established companies are not as nimble or innovative as start-ups, but are less likely to disappear from the marketplace. To benefit from small company innovations, established companies sometimes will eventually partner or merge a promising IoT application into their corporate fold.

For more, see the second article in our Building IoT series on startups.

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How To Choose Between Start-Ups and Established Companies

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