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Building Operating Management
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Exciting Technology Updates in BAS systems

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What are some of the more exciting technology updates in regards to BAS systems?

The more recent and exciting technology updates involving building automation systems can be found in the continued opening up of control protocols, the integration of intelligent and layered internet dashboard interfaces, the introduction of cloud-hosted technologies, and wireless networks.  

Some of the integration programs offer platform intelligence which work in conjunction with the existing building automation system, overseeing the activities of large single or multiple heating and/or cooling plants. Most of these systems are demand oriented and follow an optimized strategy that follows pre-programmed performance and demand criteria.  

Other platforms operate purely as dashboards providing performance data, communication with remotes sites, and offering limited master controls for multi-building sites.  

Cloud-based building operations and efficiency programs provide an opportunity for facility managers to enhance the functionality of their building automation systems by taking advantage of web browser access to applications and data storage that does resides at hosted, third-party locations and not on end-user hardware.

The use of wireless technologies allows for more flexible installation, remote access, greater expansion options, and, in many cases, simplified installation.

Answers provided by Douglas Yon, Project Manager, Facility Engineering Associates

posted on 9/5/2012