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BAS Upgrades: Consider Staffing and Training Needs

When considering BAS staffing and training needs, managers should ensure technicians can provide the desired services to the system's existing and future developments. Managers should address staffing and training in light of potential changes in staffing levels and qualifications to support the dynamic needs of a growing and evolving system.

Over time, the roles and responsibilities among the BAS support staff, facility technology services, maintenance staff, and contracted services might change. So it is important for managers to encourage a culture of flexibility and cooperation among these groups.

Managers also need to ensure strong, ongoing training programs support the staff. The programs also need to deliver appropriate service knowledge and proactive BAS management practices. These programs should cover the complete operation and maintenance of the BAS and might include on-the-job competency training, as well as on- and off-site vendor training.

Initial training associated with the installation of a new BAS should take place over a one-year period. Prolonging the training will minimize data overload for operators. Training should incorporate up-to-date operations and maintenance manuals, including project documents in electronic form with as-built control drawings, system software, system graphics, and product data.

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BAS Upgrades: Consider Staffing and Training Needs

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