Automation Products

Automation Products

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KMC: Commander is an open, scalable IoT software and hardware platform for enterprise-level building automation and control built on the Dell Edge Gateway with Intel inside. The software auto-discovers devices across a number of widely used protocols, pushes choice set-point data to the cloud, delivers metrics through a responsive HTML5 interface, and offers control functionality, all accessible across any Internet-connected device. Security measures include whitelisting, SSL certificates, HTTPS, and TLS encryption. Amazon Web Services is cloud services host.
Automated Logic Corporation: The ability to handle data has become an important differentiator for building automation systems. The WebCTRL BAS now features optimized trend reporting, new visualization tools, and mobile support capability, as well as Open Automated Demand Response (ADR) add-on. The web-based platform has a new trend engine that offers 15 times the original read speed, 10 times the original delete speed, and five times the original write speed of trend data, the company reports. Built-in fault detection and diagnostics library pinpoints more than 100 faults in HVAC equipment. A new toolkit allows facility managers to create customized dashboards.

Cypress Envirosystems: Pneumatic devices are being brought into the world of Big Data. SMARTPneumatics is a fault diagnostics system for pneumatic HVAC terminal units. It can identify faults such as stuck actuators, damper oscillation, undersized heating or cooling capacity, need for calibration, and pneumatic infrastructure problems such as leaks. Uses data provided by the company’s Wireless Pneumatic Thermostat, which can operate as a standalone system or integrate with existing BAS. Features of the thermostat include: optional deadband capabilities, remote wireless setpoint control and monitoring, page/cell notification of excursions, programmable temperature setbacks, occupancy override, and BACnet interface.

Reliable Controls: RC-RemoteAccess is BACnet virtual private network (B/VPN) software for building automation. It is installed on a local server for single buildings, on a remote server for multiple buildings, or in the cloud for enterprise customers. The IT-friendly software eliminates the need to configure BACnet Broadcast Management Devices (BBMDs), Broadcast Distribution Tables (BDTs), foreign device registrations, and remote port forwards, according to the company. The software uses 256-bit encryption, requires authentication and system identifier credentials, uses TLS protocol and TCP, and supports 2,048-bit server certificates to secure connections. Only one inbound port is required to secure any number of B/VPNs.

Johnson Controls: Metasys 8.0 offers enhancements that include graphics being available across multiple mobile devices, alarm prioritization, and improved scheduling, and custom trending. Additionally, new reporting features make it easier to access trends, alarms, audits and scheduling data. Spaces authorization allows tenant-based users to access the system and see only the data they need. The system includes added IT security with secure password management as well as the ability to identify unused accounts that need to be shut down. The mobile-optimized system interface displays information by building spaces.

Trane: Tracer Ensemble building management system provides an enterprise-wide view into all building control systems, whether for two buildings or hundreds. Customizable interface lets facility staff navigate through all levels of the facility from building, room, or piece of equipment. Built-in reporting tools let users intuitively display all system data to measure and compare building operation across assets and time periods. Tenant services allows building owner to track and charge for after-hours use and provides tenants with a simple mobile interface to request use. Simplified scheduling. Enhanced user interface.

Tridium: Niagara 4.2 includes integration of Niagara Analytics 2.0. The new release also provides Linux support, an alarm portal and more robust Niagara 4 Supervisor data management. The new JACE 8000 legacy drivers are also now supported. Niagara Analytics 2.0 provides users with an advanced data visualization module, native tagging, reusable rules, and a single-tool solution. It has advanced alarming and controls based on both historical and real-time data, historical trend exceptions, and fault detection diagnostics (FDD). Every Niagara 4 Supervisor and JACE 8000 base license will have a base option of Niagara Analytics 2.0 with all features and functionality, and 25 analytical points.

Riptide: Smart Building solution connects and controls building assets — including lighting, door locks, refrigeration, and heating and cooling — in small multi-unit operations and mid-sized facilities that lack a traditional automation system. It is a turn-key monitoring and control system featuring an cloud-based app that works with any mobile device. The solution automates operations with pre-programmed business rules that take necessary action or alert on issues. The solution can be implemented in hours and requires little or no training, according to the company.

Siemens: The Total Room Automation (TRA) solution provides integral BMS, lighting, and shade control with a single, fused Ethernet end-to-end platform. The solution eliminates the need to install and integrate three separate control systems. The ASHRAE 90.1 and CEC Title 24 compliant BMS, light, and shade control applications maximize energy savings and comfort, according to the company. A single interface is designed to enable users to adjust temperature, lights, and shades in an intuitive way. The Green Leaf feature notifies the user of energy waste due to manual overrides and enables the user to restore energy efficient conditions with a single click. 

Phoenix Controls: Vantage solutions unify the company’s suite of scalable products for airflow control and system integration, monitoring, and management. The products range from precision valve controllers to network integration hardware and front-end displays of actionable data. Applications are standalone or implemented at the room, floor, or building level. Integrates with existing building management systems to allow users to interact with one core dashboard instead of multiple systems.

Distech Controls: The Eclypse Connected IP and Wi-Fi Product Series, and Envysion responsive, web-based design and visualization interface form an IP-based building automation control and monitoring solution. The Eclypse Connected System Controller is an HVAC controller providing BACnet/IP, wired, and wireless IP connectivity. The visualization interface delivers dynamic and interactive content, such as floor layouts with heat/cool mapping, along with playback functions to visualize and replay data for improved alarm diagnostics. The solutions use standard Internet and web-based services for data communication, allowing facility managers to leverage existing IT infrastructure.

Switch Automation: Cloud-hosted enterprise operations platform is designed to provide central command and control center for data-based decisions about global real estate. The data-integration platform connects monitoring and energy metering devices, HVAC, lighting, and other electrical and mechanical sub-systems in a building and across a portfolio. Enables integration and control of various BAS and BMS. The platform provides a unified user interface and can be used to analyze data, to automate processes, and to control building sub-systems in real time. Drivers connect the platform to existing building systems. Release 3.8 features updated user-interface design and improved fault detection and diagnostics.

Autani: EnergyCenter is a wireless energy management system that integrates lighting, HVAC, plug loads, fans, and metering. The Internet-connected platform gives users local or remote access to manage connected devices. Customizable alerts can be sent to the user’s PC, tablet, or smart phone for real-time management and monitoring capabilities. Supports integration with traditional wired building management devices through standard protocols. Scalable and modular.

Alerton: Compass is a dynamic interface that is part of the company’s BACtalk Ascent product line. OmniGraphic images transform background images into interactive controls to visually communicate system status. Graphics automatically adjust to monitor display size. Energy management features include equipment start times, load optimization, and energy use monitoring. Configurable, tree-style navigation. Converts legacy displays and graphics to current standard file formats. Version 1.5 features new alarm manager, LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol) integration for managing user authentication, and improved summary page display.

Emerson Climate Technologies Retail Solutions: Site Supervisor is a facility control platform to control and monitor HVAC, refrigeration, lighting, and other equipment. The first release of includes units for use in convenience stores, pharmacies, chained foodservice, mixed retail, and commercial buildings. When connected to building systems and equipment, the platform controls conditions and provides status. Settings are adjustable. The platform collects and analyzes data and generates priority alerts. Intuitive user interface on a wall-mounted display, PC, or mobile devices. Data can be accessed locally, on a network or through the Emerson cloud. Enterprise-level visibility is also offered. Authorized users can override key functions.

PcVue: PcVue 11.2 is a platform for SCADA, BMS and human-machine interface solutions. The release includes built-in drivers for Energy Management and SMART Grid interoperability including IEC 61850, 61400-25, 60870-5-104 & DNP3. It offers full integration to BACnet equipment with enhancements for developer efficiency and ease of use. Advances in building equipment communications also include native KNX and COMMEND SA ICX driver (for Intercom monitoring and control) along with the established LonWorks and Modbus drivers. New BMS libraries include GEZE objects for door, window and safety technology. Enhanced cyber security features.

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New Features and Technology Can Make Any Old BAS New Again

Automation Products

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