A New Deal For Buildings

A new initiative is redefining how buildings are built, managed, and maintained.

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An initiative founded by Cimetrics Inc., New Deal for Buildings is redefining how buildings are built, managed, and maintained in the 21st century.

New Deal’s focus is to encourage discussions and information-sharing between the building automation systems (BAS) industry and commercial building professionals.

“We believe that both vendors and owners currently are prevented from maximizing a building’s full value, mostly because they see themselves as in two different business camps,” explains Anto Budiardjo, editor of New Deal for Buildings.

New Deal for Buildings hopes to improve the relationship between building owners and BAS vendors to one that is more open, transparent, and partnership-based.

The building blocks that New Deal is using to construct a new approach to implementing information technology in buildings include BACnet open systems, model-based analytics, and service transparency, according to Budiardjo. 

New Deal’s blog ( encourages this open dialog between key thought leaders involved with building systems. The views and comments on the site are strictly those of the individual authors. They should not be interpreted as a position of or an endorsement by Cimetrics, Inc.

New Deal hosted a Cybersecurity Summit at the 2019 AHR Expo and plans a second Cybersecurity Summit at the 2020 AHR event in Orlando in February.

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