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Maximum Accessibility: Airport Restroom Aims High

By Dan Hounsell ADA
Airport public restroom signs with a disabled access symbol

Accessibility has challenged many institutional and commercial facilities for decades. From curb cuts and entrances to lobbies and elevators, maintenance and engineering managers must address a host of potential hurdles to accessibility. Restrooms traditionally have presented especially difficult challenges, and now one facility is now aiming for maximum accessibility in its restrooms.

Chicago officials created a new committee to address accessibility for passengers with disabilities at O'Hare Airport, according to ABC 7. The committee’s first order of business? A first-of-its-kind restroom that provides more accessibility than any other airport facility in the country, they say.

The new Changing Places Restroom in Terminal 2 is a 110-square-foot bathroom equipped with: an adjustable changing table for adults; a passenger lift system; an accessible, roll-in and transfer shower; and an accessible toilet and sink.

The restroom also features a motorized passenger lift with detachable sling and ample space for movement, allowing passengers who cannot stand or walk to comfortably use the restroom.

Dan Hounsell is editor-in-chief of Facility Maintenance Decisions, and Facilitiesnet.com.


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