ADA Strategy: Get Occupant Input

  February 23, 2011

I'm Dan Hounsell, editor of Maintenance Solutions magazine. Today's topic is, ADA compliance.

Involving building occupants and visitors in planning process for compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, or ADA, in institutional and commercial facilities will result in a plan that more thoroughly addresses the access needs of all involved. Among the steps to consider are these:

•  Make the self-evaluation and transition plan available for public inspection.

•  Post a policy or statement of nondiscrimination that includes members of the public and employees.

•  Develop an ADA-advisory committee that includes individuals with disabilities and other members of the public.

•  Maintain a library of staff-development resources that occupants can check out, or make materials available, including videotapes, presentations and audio tapes.

•  Provide ADA materials and staff-development sessions for administrators, supervisors, maintenance and operations staffs, and other departments as appropriate.

•  Adopt or develop grievance- or uniform-compliance procedures that includes members of the public, recipients of services and employees.

•  Finally, disseminate and post information regarding the compliance procedures.


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