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Data Center Consolidation: A Roadmap

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It's easy to see that many organizations are increasingly reliant on data centers.

What's more difficult is understanding – from an organizational perspective – how these growing demands will impact data centers.

Requirements for cooling and for power per rack and are often growing, while the need for space may actually be declining, even as compute capacity rises.

That's especially true as organizations virtualize servers and recapture stranded data center.

It all translates into a challenge to facility managers responsible for data centers: How to ensure that data center plans will meet the needs of the organization in the most cost effective way? In many cases, the answer may be data center consolidation – a complex process, with many questions that need carefully analysis.

"Data Center Consolidation: A Roadmap," featuring David Hutchison of Excipio Consulting, offers facility managers a roadmap for planning a data center consolidation.

Learning objectives:

  • Become familiar with keys to developing a successful consolidation plan
  • Learn how to analyze business requirements and communicate ROI and TCO benefits of consolidation to executive management
  • Understand ways to identify the organization's IT needs and plans and how you can engage IT and Finance to make decisions that will meet the needs of all groups involved in a consolidation project
  • Evaluate options for meeting space needs

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