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Lighting Controls: Save Green and Conserve Energy

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With all the benefits that lighting controls promise, there are still important questions for facility managers. What are the best lighting control choices for a given facility? How can the facility manager ensure that lighting control systems conserve energy and deliver the gains that are expected? It's essential that facility managers be able to answer questions like those because the facility manager plays a critical role in the process of lighting control design, specification and installation.

This webcast will give you an in-depth explanation of each technology's features and benefits, and how incorporating them into a lighting system can create cost savings, improve energy efficiency and provide a well-lit workplace.

Learning Objectives:

  • Find out about changes in codes that are requiring greater use of lighting controls
  • Learn about the benefits of lighting controls
  • Review key developments in lighting control technology
  • Understand best practices in design, specification and installation of lighting controls
  • Gain awareness on how lighting control installations can qualify for commercial building tax deductions

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