Evaluating LED Lighting Options for your Facility

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With their energy-efficient performance and extremely long lives, LEDs promise to transform facility lighting systems. Today, facility and maintenance managers have a wide selection of LED options to consider. This fact is both good news and bad news. LED choices are available to meet a wide range of facility objectives, but sorting through these options can be a daunting task.

The bottom line for facility and maintenance mangers: There are many LED system success stories — installations that achieve energy savings and lower maintenance costs as promised. As with many technologies, however, the key to an LED lighting system's success lies in a facility manager's willingness to do the requisite homework on the product and the specific application for which it is being considered.

This webcast will give facility professionals the up-to-date information they need to analyze their LED options and make the best lighting product and system choices. Topics include:

LED basics: what facility professionals need to know
Best options for LEDs
Questions to ask when considering LEDs
Calculating maintenance savings accurately

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