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Part 1: CMMS: Mobile Issues Important in Software Specification

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CMMS: Mobile Issues Important in Software Specification

By Dan Hounsell, Editor August 2013 - Software

Maintenance and engineering departments have never needed to be so agile and light on their feet. Many institutional and commercial facilities, already spread out over large campuses, continue to add square footage, and budget considerations are streamlining the staff and resources of many departments.

As a result, front-line technicians must cover more ground than ever and be more productive in the process. So it is only natural that managers who are upgrading or replacing a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) are looking for software that will meet the needs of technicians on the move.

So the goal for a growing number of managers is to find a CMMS that enables technicians to take the functionality and accessibility of desktop applications into the field, whether through the use of a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Mobility "was a big consideration," says Kimberly Carnot, director of work management in the facilities management department with the University of San Diego. "Our vision for our workforce absolutely includes the use of mobile devices. We want our technicians to be able to receive daily schedules, change their schedules in real time, order supplies, and enter new work orders, all from the field. That's all a huge addition to the efficiency of our workforce."


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