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US Energy Group Announces Total Energy Efficiency Management (TEEM)

Fresh Meadows, NY:  US Energy Group announces TEEM, a new enhanced energy management and metering service that provides clients with a dedicated Energy Manager, who works to maximize their fuel, electric, and water savings while improving tenant comfort. TEEM clients outsource their energy monitoring to US Energy Group, and a dedicated expert checks their buildings daily, comparing them to other buildings, and providing a weekly update on the efficiency of each building.
“Using the most advanced technology in the industry and experts who are knowledgeable and customer-focused, TEEM makes running an efficient building completely hassle-free,” stated David Unger, Chief Operating Officer.
TEEM is an add-on service, available in buildings using US Energy Group’s flagship BEMS, which reduces fuel usage by 15-30% with a payback in less than two years, and the USE Manager information portal. The dedicated TEEM Energy Manager handles daily Alert Monitoring, reviewing all HVAC system issues and trouble-shooting with the building staff to determine the exact cause of the issue. The expert also conducts trend analyses, identifying concerns, such as short cycling and heat imbalances. Solutions are recommended for ongoing operational issues and are tracked until they are resolved. TEEM clients also receive comprehensive BEMS and USE Manager training for property managers, superintendents, and administrators, as well as unlimited phone support.
During weekly conference calls, the TEEM Energy Manager provides a comprehensive and succinct status update on all open issues, and discusses the overall performance of the building. The client receives a building report card each week, providing three separate grades for the building. The Energy Grade reflects energy consumption in comparison to other similar buildings. The Comfort Grade is based on interior space temperature, and the Operations Grade is based on quantitative metrics reflecting boiler plant operations, such as stack temperature and water loss. 
As the leading pioneer in energy management solutions for existing residential, commercial, and industrial buildings from 20,000 to 500,000 square feet, US Energy Group’s BEM and USE Manager are currently in over 3,500 buildings, including high-profile portfolios owned by Newman Knight Frank (37 commercial buildings) and OMNI Properties (110 residential buildings). TEEM makes these robust and powerful systems even more versatile and personalized.
“TEEM clients can let us worry about the details,” stated Jerry Pindus, Chief Executive Officer of US Energy Group. “They have peace of mind knowing that their buildings are running efficiently, their tenants are comfortable, and they are saving money.”
For more information on TEEM and US Energy Group’s BEMS, contact Justin Rumack, Vice President of Client Services (718) 285-9172, or With 30 years in the industry and over 3,500 system installations, the company has earned a reputation for product quality and personalized customer support. Visit for more information.

Founded in 1978 by CEO Jerry Pindus, US Energy Group is a metro-New York based building energy management solutions firm, which develops and integrates energy control, monitoring and analysis hardware and software systems for large residential and commercial properties. With the slogan “Building Efficiency Through Information Management,” the company’s Building Energy Management System (BEMS) integrates: USE-Manager™ Online Monitoring, heating and cooling system USE-Controllers, and USE-TEEM (Total Energy Efficiency Management Services). US Energy Group’s BEMS controls and monitors energy and fuel use, prevents overheating and provides significant savings, with payback in less than two years. US Energy Group’s Verifier® Digital Fuel Gauge is a patented ultrasonic measurement system which enables building owners and managers to verify the amount of oil they receive, as well as control their inventory and budget. The USE-Controller and USE-Verifier have received the ETL Mark, indicating superior product safety and quality. With US Energy Group’s products and services, building owners save money, conserve energy and enhance tenants’ comfort.

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