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Products: Plumbing & Restrooms

May 2014 - MS

The UltraMax II 1G uses 1 gallon per flush...   more»

ProductsUndermount Basin
Bradley Corp.
The HS-Series Terreon™ is specified as a seamless, prefabricated...   more»

ProductsAutomatic Control Valves
Zurn Industries LLC
The Wilkins ACV line addresses multiple-end connection option pressure ratings...   more»

ProductsJanitorial Sink Faucets
The Chicago Faucet Co.
The 897 series features in-line check valves in the hot and cold...   more»

ProductsHand Dryer
ASI Group
The Tri-Umph automatic high-speed unit features a patented...   more»

ProductsDrain Cleaning Tool
General Pipe Cleaners
The Speedrooter 92™ includes a redesigned inner drum...   more»


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