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Product Pipeline

February 2013 - MS

Products Workbench
Knaack LLC
The Storagemaster rolling workbench comes in eight different models...  more»

Products Coating
The Garland Co. Inc.
Quick-Slope modified acrylic cementitious material redirects...  more»

Products Urinal
The ultra high-efficiency urinal uses 0.125 gallons of water per flush (gpf)...  more»

Products Sensor Faucet
Zurn Industries LLC
The Z6930 has a modern design that conceals the sensor lens...  more»

Products Disinfectant Sprays
Spartan Chemical Co. Inc.
The Clothesline Fresh fragrances are the latest addition...  more»

Products Closed-Circuit Cooling Tower
Baltimore Aircoil Co.
The PF2 induced-draft-counterflow unit is designed for systems...  more»

Products Occupancy Sensor
The PerfectSense sensor is designed to meet the demands of Title 24...  more»

Products Generator
Kohler Power Systems
The VSG is designed specifically for efficient charging...  more»

Products Soil Sensor
The Toro Co.
The Precision™ sensor can be installed on almost any irrigation controller...  more»

Products Packaged Air Conditioners
Trane Rental Services
Voyager commercial units provide quiet, efficient temperature control...  more»

Products Portable Cooling Warranty
MovinCool/DENSO Sales California Inc.
The warranty on portable spot air conditioners now covers parts...  more»

Products Row-Based Unit
Tripp Lite
The SRCOOL33K delivers 33,000 Btu...  more»

Products Air-Cooled Unit
Atlas Sales & Rentals
The Atlas PACSlim-12 air-cooled unit provides 12 tons...  more»


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