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Project Management: Lighting

Part 1: Maryland School District Streamlines Lighting Systems for Savings||15208

Part 2: Streamlighting Lighting Inventory one Goal of K-12 Retrofit||15209

Part 3: In-House Crews, Contractors Split School District Lighting System Projects||15210

Part 4: School District Building Engineers Provide Significant Input on Lighting Projects

School District Building Engineers Provide Significant Input on Lighting Projects

By Dave Lubach, Associate Editor August 2014 - Lighting

Building engineers, who have the most detailed knowledge of facilities and lighting technology of anyone in the district, played a significant role in the specification process for the lighting upgrades.

"We'd walk through the building and say, 'What about this area?' and (project planners) would tell us what they're going to do, and I'd say, 'It wouldn't work here, let's try it over here,' " Comes says. "The communication between us and everybody else is the key thing."

The district brought maintenance crews from each of the facilities to review the new products and the proposed changes. The crews engaged in the process the entire way, discussing potential issues and asking questions.

The engineers' opinions helped ensure the continued comfort of students and staff and improved technicians' work conditions in the process.

"We worked with the building engineers to see what they needed, and to find out how to make it work so that at the end, their job's easier," Cassilly says. "Being actively involved as the building engineer and communicating when things go right and wrong may not always be so smooth, but at the end of the day when you're doing the final punch-out, you have the best possible product you can have."


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