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Facility Operations Specialist (Maintenance) - Facilities Management Job Post

Posted: 7/7/2014

Facility Operations Specialist (Maintenance)


This position is located in the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services, Administrative Services Division, Real Estate and Property Management unit. The incumbent will develop comprehensive plans and programs for the operation, maintenance, repair and improvement of all public space facilities, i.e., residential, administrative, and food service facilities of DYRS.

Determines operating and maintenance requirements; forecasts resource requirements; and, evaluates program effectiveness through inspections, budget controls, and management improvement studies.

Oversees highly technical maintenance services often performed by contract to ensure performance of major and highly complex systems such as elevators, escalators, emergency power systems, piped medical gas systems, liquid oxygen storage, complicated heating and air conditioning requirements or specialized fire suppression equipment that is critical to life support or continuity of operations, and require substantial analysis and surveillance.

Plans and estimates job orders for repair, alterations, equipment installation, and construction of facilities that are considered to be of urgent or high value. Monitors cleaning services provided through contracts that require rigorous oversight of aseptic procedures in support of emergency care and infection control programs. Manages preventive maintenance, repair, and construction work to sustain safe and reliable operation of buildings, equipment and utilities.

Performs other duties as required sharmin.islam@dc.gov

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