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4  FM quick reads on Elevator

1. Is Your Elevator Too Slow?

In some buildings - especially Class A offices, the speed of elevators can be key way to set one building apart from another.

One way to improve elevator efficiency is to employ a destination dispatch system. In a destination dispatch system, occupants enter their destination floor instead of using push buttons in a lobby. The dispatch system then picks the most efficient elevator to carry the passenger — which may not be the next arriving one. The speed of the elevators doesn't change, but grouping destinations improves performance compared to a traditional dispatching system. The end result is reduced wait times for occupants.

Destination dispatch could improve handling capacity by as much as 25 percent, experts say. That can be especially important in older buildings where occupancy has grown over time.

2.  Is Your Elevator Causing Electromagnetic Interference?

Most building occupants don't think about the elevators until something goes wrong. And with service lives that often exceed 20 years, facility executives can't be blamed for acting the same way.
Once elevator performance starts to degrade, facility executives have a hardchoice to make: Does the elevator system require modernization? Because the projects are expensive, and because it can in inconvenience occupants, facility executives need to get the decision right. There are many reasons to undertake a modernization. In Class A buildings ,the need to stay competitive is a driving factor. Other reasons, may not beas obvious.
For example, are there problems with electromagnetic noise or poor wireless reception in the building? Reducing electromagnetic noise is one benefit that can be overlooked. Computers and wireless networks are sensitive to electromagnetic noise. Some solid-state elevator drives generate less noise than others. Some cleaner drives come with a cost premium, so facility executives need to weigh options during bidding.

3.  Closing the Door on Elevator Vandalism

Are you having a problem with elevator vandalism?

Clearly, installing vandal-resistant interiors and control panels in the elevator cabs will reduce the number of incidents and costs to repair damage. But if you are having repeated incidents, look beyond the surface. Is the elevator control system operating properly? Long wait times and long travel times will increase frustration. And more frustration is going to spur more elevator vandalism.

4.  Elevator Upgrades and Electrical Systems

When preparing for an elevator modernization, don't forget to consider that other building systems could be impacted by the upgrade, especially if it's been a long time since the elevator systems have been touched.

Consider the case of an 80-story building undergoing a modernization to upgrade from a motor generator elevator to one with a solid state drive. The building's existing aluminum feeders wouldn't handle the peak inrush of current needed to energize the drives.

To avoid surprises, make sure to conduct a detailed a pre-modernization evaluation before work begins. If the in-house staff can't do the job, most elevator consultants can do the work.



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