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Ask An Expert: Brad Brech

Part 1: Water Usage Effectiveness As An Important Data Center Metric

Part 2: Ensuring Data Center Water Supply During a Drought||13807

Part 3: Server-level Water For Cooling Can Bring Data Center Efficiency||13808

Water Usage Effectiveness As An Important Data Center Metric

February 2013 - Data Centers

Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE) — has this data center metric caught on? How does it measure water usage effectiveness?
WUE is still a fairly new sustainability metric, a natural extension of PUE (power usage effectiveness), the most used metric related to data center energy efficiency.  WUE is simply defined as annual site water usage divided by IT Energy Usage. The units are liters/Kwh.

Find more about WUE here.

Answers provided by Brad Brech, IBM representative and Board Member of The Green Grid


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