3  FM quick reads on ceilings

1. Avoiding Ceiling Panel Bowing

Ceiling tiles need to stand up to some forms of use and abuse. If a facility executive cuts corners on ceiling durability for cost reasons, the ceiling panels may need to be replaced much sooner than anticipated, costing more money in the long run.

Schools and other seasonal-use facilities are spaces where special durability considerations are important, for example. When school isn’t in session, HVAC systems are usually turned off to save money. This is often the most humid part of the year, however. When HVAC systems are turned back on in the fall, the ceiling panels can bow. For spaces like these, ceiling panels designed to tolerate a high level of humidity and temperature fluctuation are important.

Getting the Right Information When Choosing a Ceiling

When choosing a ceiling, facility executives should ask for proof to back up manufacturer claims. Separating the sales pitch from the hard facts is an important step in comparing different manufacturers’ ceiling panels on even ground.

Claims of durability, reflectivity, and resistance to mold, mildew and stains should all be backed up by independent testing. If those aren’t made readily available, ask the manufacturer. They’re generally more than happy to give as much information on their products as necessary.

Once you have the results of the same tests on different ceilings, it’s easy to compare and make the best choice for your facility’s needs.

Ceiling Clouds Offer Performance and Aesthetic Benefits

Ceiling clouds, or floating sections of ceiling suspended in an open plenum environment, can offer acoustic as well as aesthetic benefits to a space. Usually, clouds are used in spaces with high ceilings such as lobbies and entryways. They’re often seen suspended over a reception desk or other area that needs to stand out from the rest of the space.

Besides the obvious aesthetic benefits, however, ceiling clouds can also help create a more acoustically pleasing space. Sound absorbing fiberglass-backed panels are often used in clouds and will help minimize reverberation in large spaces like lobbies that often have many reflective surfaces.


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